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human-centered, officer-oriented, principle based police tactical training to increase officer safety, reduce liability, and improve performance and trust.


Joe Clingan
 We are department of 8 officers. We find it very difficult to get ours guys training opportunities for officer Survival. We were fortunate enough to get Marc to come to our department and expose my guys to the type training that mostly only SWAT officers get to attend. To the man, Marc's information was very well received and the feedback was outstanding. Marc has a method of training that is not only very informative, but he delivers this information in a manner that every officer, whether new to the job or experienced, can relate to. Marc makes the learning fun and he can relate to officers, because he has been there. I have worked with Marc and know the high regard that our department held him in. If your department has the opportunity to attend Marc's training...I would highly recommend you seek him out.
5 / 5 stars

"Think lightly of yourself and deeply of the world."


Miyamoto Musashi


"We do not rise to the level of the occasion, we sink to the level of our training."

–Unnamed LAPD Sgt.



ONYX Founder

Marc Neal

 I am on a mission to do a few things in policing:

  1. Restore and improve the police/community relationship
  2. Help officers develop their skills and abilities to increase their safety.
  3. Grow guardians

I grew up in San Francisco, CA, where I learned that law enforcement is a very necessary and critical component to successful communities. During my varied policing career, I served 15years on a tactical team as entry operator, team leader, and explosive breacher, participating in several operational breaches and hostage rescues. I was a founding member of our diversity training cadre, as well as a Field Training Officer for several years.

I believe in the need for our nation’s police officer training to help develop confidence and competence. ONYX Training Group teaches human-centered, principle-based civilian police tactical decision-making. Officers must first be self-aware concerning their own strengths and weaknesses, fears and biases, if they are to be effective in times of crises. I believe in and teach based on what I call the cornerstones of policing; Character, Integrity, and Accountability.

About Us

Training For Your Community


What works in Big City, USA may not work in Small Town, America. Because of our extensive experience, we can tailor instruction to fit your team, your philosophy, your community. Onyx makes complex tactics simple. All of our courses, whether patrol or SWAT tactical contain de-escalation components, and de-escalation and communication training and practices are woven into the decision making and tactics. 


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