Police Training and Tactics: Active Assailant First Responder Course



Course Overview

This is a 24-hour lecture and practical exercise intensive course. It is designed and intended to provide police officers with the information and understanding of the various concepts, principles, and tactics effective in resolving active assailant events, as well as more commonly encountered critical incidents. This course focuses on simplicity of decision and action. 

This course includes the Rescue Task Force Concept and how it can cooperate with and enhance the successful resolution of mass casualty and large scale critical incidents.

This course is not intended for the ones who order the pizza and coffee. This course is designed for the operators and officers making entry and solving the problem.

Deescalation and communication training is a foundation in all our tactical courses

Course Contents

Active Assailant Response

  • Tactical Principles

  • Practical Application

Decision-making in tactical situations

Team tactics/movement


Working in a Rescue Team

  • Position/situational awareness



Rescue Task Force Introduction

  • Combat Casualty Care

  • Care Zones

  • Hot, warm, cold

  • Transporting/Sheltering

  • More!        



Course Length

24 Hours


Course Cost


Costs: Per/Attendee, Min=8, MAX=30

Host: Save 5% per person and receive

1 free spot for each 10 paid

Training Our Community Guardians


We believe the principles and tactics developed to help police officers in their daily responses to incidents can be effective in resolving  Active Assailant/mass casualty events.  By making tactics and decision making similar across the critical incident spectrum, officers will better learn, internalize and demonstrate those skills when it counts. Increased proficiency means an improved service to the community. Our human-centered, principle based police training will develop confidence in new and veteran officers, and increase competency, skills, and abilities. Confident officers perform better, and increase the public trust and improve community relationships. 

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