Active Assailant First Responder Instructor Course


(Police specific)

40+ HOUR

Course Overview

This 40-hour course will prepare the attendee to teach the First responder role in an active assailant/mass casualty event. It will help the officer develop their own understanding of foundational concepts and tactics employed for a more successful resolution in quickly evolving critical incidents. At the end of the course, LE will have a greater understanding of how EMS will support their role, and how they will support the EMS role in a mass casualty event. They will be well able to teach the RTF concept to other police officer in their agency.

But more than just giving police officers tools for an improbable incident, and tools they will never use, this course shows how to incorporate movement, team tactics, and critical incident decision making into everyday activities. The student will learn how to present information to their agencies which will benefit officers in their daily work experience.

The material learned will make police officers safer in their normal workday, it will make citizens safer, as LEOs will be more skilled and confident in their abilities, and they will better retain critical information needed for an unlikely event.

Deescalation and communication training is a foundation in all our tactical courses

Course Contents

History of Events

Active Assailant response

  • Foundational Tactical Principles

  • Team Configuration, team tactics

  • Interior/exterior movement

Teaching to Adults/How People Learn


  • Conducting training day

  • Developing and achieving objectives


Scenario-Based Training

  • Development

  • Purpose in training

  • Adjustment/enhancement of scenarios

Solo teaching presentations (classroom)

Team teaching (scenarios)

Rescue Task Force Introduction

  • What it means to police

  • How to support EMS




Course Length

40+ Hours

5 Days

Course Cost


Costs: Per/Attendee, Min=14, MAX=30

Host: Save 5% per person and receive

1 free spot for each 10 paid

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ONYX believes that preparation and training is critical to performance in the filed. "You don't rise to the level of the occasion, you sink to the level of your training." Training is only as good as the person who provides it. Our courses are designed to give the student the necessary information and practice to effectively impart vital information to other first responders. 

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