Rescue Task Force

Rescue Task Force


Course Overview

This 24 hour course is designed to give EMS/Fire first responders the understanding of the various roles they may play in an active assailant/mass casualty event. Students will learn the concepts and principles law enforcement will utilize during the initial phase of the resolution. They will learn to operate integrated in a rescue team configuration, moving strategically, providing Combat Casualty Care in the warm zone of the event. Students will then learn how to transition from a support role to a primary role as victims need medical attention, triage, and even movement to a cold zone and medical facility.

The material learned will make police officers safer in their normal workday, it will make citizens safer, as LEOs will be more skilled and confident in their abilities, and they will better retain critical information needed for an unlikely event.

Deescalation and communication training is a foundation in all our tactical courses

Course Contents

Active Assailant Response Introduction

  • Tactical Principles

  • Practical Application

Team tactics/movement

Working in a Rescue Team

  • Position/situational awareness



Rescue Task Force 

  • Combat Casualty Care

  • Care Zones, operating before Code 4

  • Hot, warm, cold

  • Transporting/Sheltering

  • More!        



Course Length

24 Hours


Course Cost


Costs: Per/Attendee, Min=14, MAX=30

Host: Save 5% per person and receive

1 free spot for each 10 paid

Training Our Community Guardians


The Rescue Task Force concept is a game changer for saving lives during a mass casualty event.  We believe the relationship between all first responders must be positive and seamless to provide the necessary care to the affected community.Our human-centered, principle based police training will develop confidence in new and veteran officers, and increase competency, skills, and abilities. Confident officers perform better, and increase the public trust and improve community relationships. 

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