SWAT Hostage Rescue Course


Hostage Rescue 3 Day

Course Overview

If you dream in multi-cam, this is your course.

This advanced course is for veteran SWAT operators who want additional and perhaps new knowledge and additional practice resolving Hostage Rescue problems. In this course we discuss, demonstrate, then practice how the decision-making and tactics used in Barricaded Suspect searches and High-Risk Warrants can be used to supplement the traditional deliberate hostage movement, depending on the situation. This course is dynamic, with the field exercise portion changing speeds, and changing dynamics frequently. This is definitely a "brain on" course. The focus of this course is conducting rescues in various venues and locations, under varying conditions and degrees of complexity.

This is an intensive critical thinking and practical application class, with real time decision-making. You will have many chances to test run the information you learn during the lectures. 

The foundation of these courses, as with all Onyx Training courses, is a human-centered, principle based approach to decision making and problem solving. We believe police officers must be competent in their critical thinking and problem solving skills, or they can never be the best version of a guardian they can be for the community they serve.

Deescalation and communication training is a foundation in all our tactical courses

Course Contents

Principle-based decision-making and tactics for Hostage Rescues

Types of Rescues and their unique issues

Deliberate Rescue planning options

Crisis Rescue considerations & realities 




Incident transitions

Tabletop discussions  incident debriefs

Daily Scenario training

Force on force Training (where available)

And much more!



Course Length

24 Hours


Course Cost


Costs: Per/Attendee, Min=8, MAX=30

Host: Save 5% per person and receive

1 free spot for each 10 paid